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Lathalia Song is a Georges river and Sydney/Wollongong basin artist on Dharawahl and Eora country. Her art is an expression of identity through nature, grief and and joy.

Inspired since very young by the mountains holding Katoomba, Sydney Harbour bays, the Royal and Dharawhal National Parks beach and rivermouth bushlands. Sunny Campbelltown tributary tracks and the Wollongong beaches.

Her poetry and prose, screenprinted designs and watercolours are published in various journals. Currently writer in residence for Westwords, Wedderburn.

Previous career highlights as a graphic designer were as editor/designer and journalist for Megawonderzone tweens magazine (Australia’s Wonderland). As junior designer with Keith Morris, Australia’s premier calligraphic logo designer. As a student at Julian Ashton art school. Continuing to thoroughly enjoy teaching at Heffalump Art School (fifteen years strong) as founder and lead teacher of a team of six talented artists.

Passionate about learning to be a good community ally through mental health advocacy work with One Door and Sydney Southwest PHN.

Lathalia Song is a creative name meaning ‘courage and hope song’. Always grateful to the creator for every everything.

The poem art series ‘flywaterleaflight’ explores origin stories and myths, how identity can be embraced, the healing that comes from deeply reflecting on where we are from. It is response to Genesis One and world religions.

The fable art series are inspired by my childhood books and imaginations. They integrate grief and beauty like the river, such a pull to see only grief, see only water. Yet it is possible it is to be stricken and whole at the same time.

flywaterleaflight supports these charities with 50% of your purchase price:

Blue Knot Foundation
Floating Leaf and tendrils Motifand Just Reinvest

Lathalia Song is currently

Writer in residence for Westwords Wedderburn

& editor for Authora Australis

shares the joy of creativity at

Twitter: Hope Song@flywaterleaf
Instagram: lathaliahopesong

Gently Resting Leaf Motif Poetry postcards and fable postcards were designed as gifts, part of your purchase goes to charity. The cards can be in a box set of six or individually.

Commissions and large prints can be asked for, printed on calico. Email lathaliasong@gmail.com  My little childhood imaginations have jumped out into the world for fun and hope, enjoy!